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Kansas Bull Test Board of Directors

The Board of directors of the Kansas Bull Test will be made up of one seat to represent each breed in which 10 or more bulls have been entered in the test during the past year.  There will be 1 seat to represent a combination of any and all other breeds in which bulls have been entered, but did not achieve the 10 head minimum.  There will be one standing board position to be held by the test manager.  From this group of board members the board will elect a chair, and a secretary.  Any board member that cannot attend a meeting may assign a proxy to fill their position at that meeting.  If the board member does not assign a proxy the position may be filled by any consignor from that breed present at the meeting.


Brian Hagedorn - Test Manager

Stephen Kaser- Chairperson and Simmental representative

Ron StClair-Red Angus representative

John Dugan-Angus Representative

Henry Diehl-Buyer Representative


Brian & Megan Hagedorn

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